Riverside Spa is the perfect place to relax your body, enhance your vitality and improve our look.

Guest receive bathrobes and towels at the spa entrance. The spa contains a warm and pleasant environment where references to Icelandic nature is evident. Fire, ice, water, steam and the northern lights are tastefully incorporated into the design. The spa offers traditional Icelandic steam bath and sauna, relaxation showers, seating area and a bar with light meals and drinks. It includes a large and charming hot tub designed with the brightened sky in mind, filled with the northern lights and a relaxations room with comfortable chairs and candle lights.

Riverside Spa provides a top of the line beauty parlour and massage services with a variety treatments and massage.

Entrance fee: Access to Riverside Spa for hotel guests and for massage/treatment customers: 1.500 kr. Regular access is: 3.000 kr.

Deluxe Spa day:

Bodyscrub and a 50 min. Massage, face massage and a mask, dyeing ans waxing for eyebrows, deluxe manicure with nail polish, deluxe pedicure with nail polish, a light meal.
43.500 kr.

Half Spa day:

50 min. Massage, deluxe pedicure with nail polish, a light meal .
21.890 kr.

Classic facial treatment 60 min: The face is cleansed and scrubbed, followed by a nourishing mask and a facial massage
9.900 kr.

Luxury aroma facial treatment: Starting with relaxing back massage using aromaoils then The face is cleansed and scrubbed, followed by a luxuary nourishing aroma mask and a luxuary facial massage
15.900 kr.
Facial massage and a nourishing mask
7.200 kr.

Facial skin cleansing: Acne and blackheads removed. Followed by a
nourshing mask
6.900 kr.

Plucking/waxing and dyeing for eyebrows
From 2.100 kr. to 4.400 kr.


7.400 kr.

Manicure with nail polish
7.900 kr.

Luxuary manicure: A luxuary paraffin wax gloves are put on the hands
9.900 kr.


7.400 kr.
Pedicure with nail polising
7.900 kr.

Luxuary pedicure: A luxuary paraffin wax socks is put on the feet
9.900 kr

15 minutes head-, neck-, and shoulder massage.
3.900 kr.
30 minutes massage: You decide which part of the body you want the specialist to massage
7.500 kr.

50 minutes massage: The whole body
10.500 kr.

50 minutes massage with scrub
13.500 kr.

* Wax to the knee
* Wax to the knee and on the hamstring
* Wax for the bikini line
* Wax for armpit
* Brazilian wax
* Wax for the chest or the back
* Wax on the upper lip
* Facial wax