Plated banquet


Mushroom soup
– Mushrooms, Chives, Cream

Seafood soup
– Cod, prawns, Langaustine, white chocolate cream

– Cucumber, tomatoes, Aubergine, Parmesan cheese, Garlice sauce or vinegrette

Roast beef
– crispy fried bread, mushrooms, remulade, fried onions, pickled cucumber

Smoked Salmon
– Crispy fried bread, Cauliflower, Rockets, horseradish sauce


Main Course

Fish of the day
– Creamy barley, broccoli, onions, Citrussauce

Chicken thighs
– Sweet potatoes, Rice, Yoghurt sauce, salad

Leg of lamb
– Potato Mash, Root vegetables Kale, Red wine sauce

Chicken salad
– Croutons, Pecans, Chicken, Leafsalad, tomatoes, Cucumber, Parmesan cheese, garlic dressing



– Vanilla Ice cream, Berries, Crumble

Ice cream and Fruits
– Asorted Ice cream, crumble and fruit salad

– Blueberries, Black Currants, Berry Ice cream and crumble


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