Soup of the day made from fresh vegetables everyday – Bread and Butter

Smoked Salmon – Cured Salmon – Pickled Herring

Cured Goose – Chorizo – Proscitto

At Least three different kinds of mixed vegetable salats


Salad Bar

Anti Pasti – Leaf salad – Feta Cheese – Artichokes – Sweet Corn – Mixed salads

Always at least 8 differnt types available in the salad bar excluding leaf salad and dressings


Main Course

Roasted leg of lamb – Slow cooked Pork Collar – Two different Kinds of sauce

Chicken – Fish of the day – Vegan Course of the day

Fried mixed vegetables – Potatoes – Rice



Chocolate cake – Ice cream bar with 4 different kinds of Ice cream and sorbets – Skyr

Fruits – Cheesecake

Always at least 6 different kinds of desserts available


Everything in the menu above can be exchanged for somthing else with out notice. We want our Buffet to feel vibrant and alive, for ourselves and our guests. Our chefs like to variate and contantly make new exciting addition to the buffet to achive that.