Plated Banquet


Cocktail Party

-Chicken Sticks
– Cauliflower in three ways
– Blacked „Cajun“ salmon
– Black Tiger Shrimp
– Bruschetta with tomatoes and Mozzarella
– Lamb Rillette “Kebab”

Wild Mushroom Soup
Mushrooms, Chives and Whipped Cream

Shellfish Soup
Langaustine, Scallops, prawns and White chocolate cream

Duck in two ways
Duck Confit, Foie Gras de Canard, Almonds, figs and bread

Vegetable (vegan)
Tomatoes, Celery, Apples and Hazelnuts

Main Courses

Lambfillet, Celeriac Purée, Pressed Potatoes, Root vegetables, Red onions and Red Wine Reduction

Beef Tenderloin Gremolata, Beef Rillete, Mushroom purée, mushrooms, root vegetables, Pomme anna and Arctic Thyme glace

Pan-fried Salmon, Mashed Small potatoes, Broccoli, onions, Scallions and Beurre Blanc

Vegetable course (vegan)
Root vegetable and Kidney bean patty, Baked Cauliflower, Cauliflower purée, Pickled onions and Granny smith gremolada


Chocolate cake
Moist Chocolate cake, Caramel, Oat-crumble, Vanilla Ice cream and fresh Berries

Crème Brullée
Traditional Vanilla flavoured Créme brullée , Berry compote and vanilla Ice cream

White Chocolate Mousse
Baked White Chocolate, Black Currants, Berry sorbet, and crispy oats

Beetroot Mousse (Vegan)
Baked Beetroot Purée, Black currants, Crispy oats and berry sorbet

Buffet Banquets

Steak Buffet 1


Mushroom soup, two kinds of Bread, Pesto, Hummus and whipped Butter

Main Course
Slow roasted leg of lamb or Turkey breast
Roasted Root vegetables, Baked „country“ potato wedges, Red wine sauce

Cold sides
Green salad, Tomato salad, Cole slaw, Sweet corn and Pik nik

Steak Buffet 2

Mushroom soup, two kinds of Bread, Pesto, Hummus and whipped Butter

Main Course
Slow roasted Leg of Lamb and Turkey breast, or Pork collar
Roasted Root vegetables, Baked Potato wedges or Gratinated potatoes, Red Wine Sauce and Bearnaise sauce

Cold Sides
Green salad, tomato salad, sweet potato salad, Cucumber salad, Cole slaw and sweet corn

Chocolate cake, Cheese cake and Whipped cream

Steak Buffet 3


Mushroom soup and Tomato- basil Soup, two kinds of bread, Pesto, Hummus and Butter

Cured salmin, Cured Goose, Blacked Salmon, Beef carpaccio, Tomato salad, broccolisalat, anti pasti and fruits

Main Course
Slow roasted Leg of Lamb, Beef Tenderloin and Turkeybreast
Roasted root Vegetables, Potatoe wedges, gratinated potatoes, Red wine sauce and bearnaise sauce

Cold sides
Green salad, Mediterranean salad, Sweet potato salad, Cucumber salad, Mushroom and asparagus salad


Chocolate cake, Cheesecake, Créme Brullée and White Chocolate mousse

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